🀝Embracing Interoperability: The PALM IDO Round Explained

In the evolving landscape of blockchain and digital assets, interoperability and cross-chain functionality have emerged as key pillars of innovation. With a commitment to these principles, we're thrilled to announce an exciting development in our journey: the PALM Initial Distribution Offering (IDO) round.

A Two-Part IDO Strategy

Understanding the importance of community and the value of inclusivity, we've designed our IDO round to reflect our dedication to cross-chain interoperability. The PALM IDO will be conducted in two distinct parts, allocating 2% of our total token distribution to this pivotal event.

Part 1: Expanding Horizons

Our commitment to interoperability embraces eUTXO ecosystems but aims to expand horizons. This first part of our IDO round aims to extend our reach into the EVM world. We've partnered with an EVM ecosystem renowned for its extensive communityβ€”a partnership we're excited to reveal shortly. This collaboration, utilizing 0.5% of our IDO allocation, underscores our mission to be a cornerstone of interoperability, connecting the EVM and eUTXO worlds.

Part 2: A Nod to Our Roots

The second part of our IDO round is a homage to the communities that have been instrumental in our growth: the Ergo and Cardano communities. We're allocating the remaining 1.5% of the IDO tokens specifically for these groups, in partnership with the Tminus1 launchpad. This gesture is our way of expressing gratitude to these vibrant communities for their unwavering support and belief in our vision.

Ergo Community First

In recognition of the Ergo community's significant contributions, we are offering them the first opportunity to participate in the IDO. Tminus1 will initially accept rsERG tokens during the early phase of the sale. Following this, we'll broaden the participation to include both rsErg and ADA payments, ensuring both Ergo and Cardano supporters can be part of our journey.

Our Vision for Interoperability

The rationale behind our two-part IDO strategy goes beyond token distribution. It's a reflection of our ambition to make PALM a universally accessible and utilizable asset across various blockchain ecosystems. By facilitating seamless interactions, using RosenBridge, between EVM and eUTXO platforms, we aim to position PALM as Pioneer of interoperable blockchain technology.

Gratitude to Our Community

As we embark on this significant phase, our hearts are full of gratitude. The enthusiasm, feedback, and support from our community have been the bedrock of our progress. This IDO is not just a milestone for the PALM economy, but a celebration of the collaborative spirit that has fueled our journey. We're committed to delivering on our promises, enhancing our platform, and continuing to forge pathways that connect diverse blockchain communities.

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