Rewards & NFT Airdrop

The PALM ISPO is designed to distribute 1,000,000,000 PALM tokens, which constitutes a 2% portion of the 50 billion total supply. This distribution mechanism is not just about token allocation but also about fostering a deeper connection with the Cardano community. The ISPO will operate with a conversion rate of 0.305 PALM per staked ADA, providing an accessible entry point for all the participants.

Key Allocation Details

  • ISPO Allocation: 800,000,000 PALM tokens are dedicated to the ISPO participants.

  • Bonus Reward Program: An additional 100 million tokens are set aside for a bonus reward program, details of which will be revealed in the first week of the ISPO launch. Our goal is to incentivize and reward early and loyal participants. There going to be 3 tiers: 15% Bonus: For those who’ve missed less than 3 epochs, and participate until the last epoch. 10% Bonus: For those who’ve missed less than 5 epochs, and participate until the last epoch. 5% Bonus: For those who’ve missed less than 7 epochs, and participate until the last epoch. Note: Minimum ADA staked to be eligible for the bonus reward program is 500 ADA For more details on the Bonus Reward Program, check the next page which includes the full breakdown.

  • Community Pool Support: 80 million tokens are allocated to incentivize the ISPO participants to go back and continue staking with single SPOs, supporting decentralization and our amazing SPO community. More information on this, will be provided towards the ending of the ISPO.

  • Continued Staking Incentives: 20 million tokens are reserved for participants who continue staking in our pool, on a later date after the ISPO and Community Pool Support phase, with a different ADA conversion rate and margins. This pool will be there for any of our community members that would like to continue supporting by staking their ADA. More information will be provided later in 2024.

Pool Margins and Options

To cater to diverse preferences, the PALM ISPO will feature two pools:

  • PALM1 Pool: This pool will have a 99% margin, tailored for those who wish to maximize their PALM token rewards.

  • PALM2 Pool: With a 50% margin, this pool offers a balanced approach between ADA rewards and PALM tokens.

Why Participate in the PALM ISPO?

The PALM ISPO represents more than just an opportunity to acquire new tokens. It's a chance to be part of a growing ecosystem that values transparency, fairness, and community involvement.

The PALM token is at the heart of the vibrant Palmyra ecosystem, with plans for continuous development and expansion. The ISPO is just the beginning of a journey that promises innovation, growth, and community-driven progress. By staking ADA in our pools, participants become integral to this journey, contributing to the development of a platform that brings real-world utility and value to the blockchain space.

We invite you to be part of this exciting journey, starting December 11th. Stay tuned for more detailed information as we approach the launch date, and prepare to be part of a movement that is reshaping the future of decentralized finance.

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