Initial Stake Pool Offerings (ISPOs) have emerged as a novel way for projects to engage with their communities on the Cardano blockchain. Instead of the traditional Initial Coin Offering (ICO) or Initial Exchange Offering (IEO), ISPOs offer a unique approach that benefits both the project and its supporters. The PALM ISPO is the latest to join this innovative trend, aiming to foster community involvement and drive the growth of the Palmyra platform.

What is an ISPO?

An ISPO, or Initial Stake Pool Offering, is a mechanism where Cardano ADA holders can delegate their ADA to a specific stake pool. In return, instead of ADA rewards, they receive tokens from the project conducting the ISPO. It's a win-win: the project gets to bootstrap its network security and decentralization, while participants earn new tokens.

The PALM ISPO: A Deep Dive

Partnership with Maestro: We have partnered with Maestro, ensuring robust infrastructure for the two designated pools: xx and xx. These pools have been strategically set with varying margins to cater to different community preferences:

  • PALM1 : 99% margin

  • PALM2: 50% margin

Duration: The ISPO will span approximately 4-6 months, giving ample time for community members to participate and earn PALM tokens. The ISPO will end once the tokens allocated for the ISPO round run out.

Post-ISPO Strategy: Once the ISPO concludes, there's a plan in place to ensure continuous community engagement and support of the Cardano SPOs. We are still looking and discussing internally on different options, but rest assured that our team is full of decentralization advocates and we will make sure that we'll come up with some good ideas!

Exclusive NFT for Participants: As a token of appreciation, participants staking in any of the PALM pools for more than 10 epochs, will be eligible for a unique NFT. This NFT will grant them early access to the Cardano IDO, adding an extra layer of exclusivity and benefit.

How to Participate in the PALM ISPO?

  1. Research: Before diving in, ensure you understand the ISPO model and the PALM project's goals and vision.

  2. Choose a Pool: Decide which PALM pool aligns with your preferences: xx or xx.

  3. Delegate Your ADA: Using your Cardano wallet (like Vespr, Eternal, or others), delegate your ADA to your chosen xx pool.

  4. Earn PALM Tokens: Instead of ADA rewards, you'll receive PALM tokens. The tokens will be received following our TGE date. We will have a lot more information coming out on how to claim them, on a later date, before TGE happens.

  5. Stay Updated: Keep an eye on official PALM communications to stay informed about the ISPO's progress and any additional incentives or announcements.

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